Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Victual Brothers


A network of Privateers that preys upon merchant shipping and coastal trade in the Baltic and North Sea. Though the mortal enemies of the Hanseatic League and the Teutonic Order, they impartially raid all shipping. Their famous battle cry is "God's friends and enemies of the whole world". Despite at times challenging whole kingdoms and occupying Gotland as their personal fief (until expelled by an invasion of the Teutonic Knights), their most remarkable trait is their ability to persuade the masters of almost any port to give them harbour and trade with them. Numerous strident threats by the Hanseatic league are so far unable to end this "support of piracy" and this gave the Victual Brothers free range across the sea and ready markets to sell their gains. Their captains are remarkable for their ingenuity, in one case trapped by ice in a Danish harbour and under attack, a Victualer Captain had the ice immediately around his ship broken up to create a moat and defended the ship like a fort until spring.

Skills: Athletics, Melee arms or ranged arms, Nautical arts, Persuasion, Stealth.

Secret Masteries:

A safe berth and a ready market (Nautical arts (Seamanship) Mastery) The Privateer is appointed first mate or lieutenant and is the trusted representative of his or her Captain in many dealings as well as being well known in the brotherhood at large and by their usual contacts. The Victual brother is able to find safe haven in any coastal or riverside town, or failing that, quick warning of an enemies approach and a little help getting a hard start to make their getaway. Merchants and town officials in these towns will also be more than willing to take and good, no questions asked.

God's friends and enemies of the whole world (Nautical arts (Seamanship) Mastery) The Victual Brother is recognised by his or her brothers and the other Captains and made a full Captain, with their own ship and crew and only bound by the responsibility to give fair shares to their brothers.

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