Saturday, December 27, 2008

St Reinhold's Anchor

This is a simple pewter ring. Smooth and lacking in ornament or inscription. When worn on the finger it does nothing but if suspended around the neck by a leather thong, it permits the wearer to freely sink to the bottom of a body of water and walk about as if on land, even in the strongest current. It also permits the wearer to see any distance through a body of water, no matter how dark or muddy. When used upon shallow wooden bowls of clear water, it instead grants visions of the goings on upon the Rhine near the city of Koln.

The ring is pewter poured around a ring of the Saint's own hair, plucked by a Mason while his body was being prepared for burial. The Masons took the hair and made the ring for reason's known only to themselves. A further property of the ring, it's intermittent ability to inspire a feeling of profound envy in any who see another wearing the ring upon their finger, manifested itself at a Masonic banquet when a new inductee stole the ring and fled. Bandits took the life and belongings of the hapless journeyman on the road to Mainz. The ring came, after a time, to the Robber Knight August Speyer, who dangled it in front of a group of young Knights who had boldly requested to come to his table. The knights slew the Raubritter and took the relic, not knowing it's origin, along with the rest of the hoard. One of those Knights was a brother to a certain Swiss count, a vassal of the Hapsburg Dukes. That line of Count's has kept the ring in their family ever since, discretely learning of it's origin and hiding it from the Mason's of Koln, who seek it still.

When the Ring is worn in anyway, it drains three Essence from the wearer which do not regenerate until it is removed.

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