Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fighters, Dwarves and Thieves

Fighters and Dwarves must be tough and hardy to succeed in their front-line role. Their Hit dice will be 1d6+2 rather than 1d8

Thieves are a funny creature in OD&D, they were not in the original rules and there are some that remain ambivalent toward them. However, there is something to like in them and they will be kept in the game. I just can't find a satisfactory way to have lock-pickers and trap-disarmers without them. The real issue is their sheer weakness with only a d4 HD so we will make the following changes:

1. They use their 'Save vs Spell' column to save vs Wands and Breath Weapons as well. This gives them very good saves across the board.
2. Should they survive to the heady heights of 5th level, they will gain the ability to evade Breath Weapons as well as Wands and Spells that damage HP. On a failed saving throw, Thieves will take only half the damage received, rounded down.

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