Saturday, September 17, 2011

The mad god's treasure

After a long and dusty walk back to Kear Jaerall, the five made a beeline to their adept masters, where they learned the secret arts to advance in their disciplines. At last, after being mere tyros, they learned how to use their magic to become tougher than any normal Namegiver. So engrossed were they in their katas, all but one failed to notice a strange change in the surrounds. Except Kasefeh, that is. He was not yet ready to join his fellows, and meanwhile noticed a worrying thing as he wandered about to see what he could see. Everywhere, strange white cowled figures stood. One was there as he rounded a corner to the taproom, another followed a group of juveniles as the ran up the street, two potters worked in the shade while a third cowled presence looked on.

That was 'new' to Kasefeh, yet his master, when queried shook his head and said that these watchmen for the Elders had always been present within the Kaer community. Kasefeh thought at first that he might be touched by the sun, but his companions agreed that something was not right here and the kept watch as they slept the night in a common room. Sure enough, at least three of the figures kept their watch in turn, through the night. So the next day, they quit the Kaer surrounds and made their way north to Rashomon, where the other odd rumour from their short visit - a palanquin borne by burly Orks, was said to come from every few weeks - make its way through the streets and then be received into the Kaer itself. Since the only useful thing in town seemed to be Dwarven Caravaneers, with threaded armour and prices beyond that that Apprentice Adepts could meet - they decided to investigate why wierd outsiders were regularly allowed into the Kaer. After all, they had spent months quarantined outside and at least one of the Kaer Elders was implicated in other strange goings on at the Shrine of Erendis.
On their way North to Rashomon, their Scout spied another of these palanquins, which seemed to be headed toward Kaer Jaerall. What where adepts to do? Of course an ambush was set, then sprung. The palanquin's bearers turned out to be a score of fanatical Orks but these proved no real trouble. Except for Ghurag, who nearly had a 'close call' in the skirmish and has another serious scar. The contents of their prize proved to be a great weight of gold-bar, stamped with a ram's head. They took their booty south to meet some Dwarven traders in the wilderness and see if they could not convert the metal into something more useful like magic armour. However their they discovered the Dwarcves would not have a... bit... of it, seeing the treasure had the stamp of the Mad-Passion Raggok and they were certain it must be cursed.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Fathers' Day!

What I got from my kids for Fathers' Day. Good choice kids and a surprise :) I was expecting my boy to heavily lobby for the plastic Orcs out of the options presented (also including FOW models and DVDs of cool movies). However, I get my shiny new RPG book and am looking forward to seeing what the changes are like.

For those of you playing in the current campaign, don't worry, I'm not about to change it.