Monday, December 8, 2008

Fugger Agent

The Fuggers first attained wealth in the weaving trade in Augsburg, but when a branch of their family moved into banking they attained new prominence as financiers across the Empire. The successful bankers are known as "the Fuggers of the Lily" after their coat of arms (a lily on a gold and blue background) granted by the Emperor. With wealth comes a prominent role in affairs of the realm and agents of the bank keep a close ear to the ground and maintained relationships with all the right people. In a time where money could buy armies, lands, finance expeditions, fund crusades, buy titles and even grease the palms of the Electors, wealthy bankers are sought after men.

Skills: Commerce, Linguistics, Perception, Persuasion, Statecraft.

Secret Masteries

Networks (Statecraft (Etiquette) Mastery) The Agent can draw on the influence and contacts the Fugger posses to accomplish any goal within a bureaucracy. She can have prisoners released, gain dispensations from local laws, gain appointments, find out about hidden persons etc.

Broker (Statecraft (Etiquette) Grand Mastery) The Agent is granted the title of Broker in the Banking Family and takes a leading role in steering the external and internal affairs their financial empire. He is has safe lodging in friendly houses across the Empire, a fine house in Augsburg, extensive lines of credit and a considerable income.

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