Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Palatinate Zweihanders

Louis III, the Elector Count Palatine of the Rhine, is a forward thinking political planner. In addition to recently joining the Parakeet society (a league against Louis the Bearded, Duke of Bavaria) and forming close links with the new Burgundian Duke, Philip the Good, he has sponsored the formation of several mercenary companies under the leadership of his bastard son, Sir Henry of Koln. These companies act to provide regular skilled forces to support the Elector's activities against his enemies and lessen his reliance on the Swiss for regular infantry. The companies employ a range of weapons but are most known for their use of two handed swords which can be employed to sweep aside enemy pole arms and unhorse enemy cavalry.


Melee arms or Ranged arms, Athletics, Maneuvering, Military Arts +1 LP

Secret Masteries

Sweeping Blow (Melee arms (Swords) Mastery) This grants the character the title of Sergeant of Mercenaries and when armed with two handed sword they gain first strike against any enemies in melee with them.

Wall of Steel (Melee arms (Swords) Grand Mastery) The Character is granted the title of Commander of Mercenaries. He or She gains +1 LP and additionally, gains +1 PL only when wielding a two handed sword.

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