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Saints of January


January 1

St Mary the Mother of Christ
St Mary is the most widely venerated of all the saints. It is said that if St Peter himself were to bar a soul from heaven, the kindly St Mary would find a way to let them in. Mary is the most widely known of all the Saints and has a number of other days that honor her in some way. All Catholics start with knowledge of St Mary and she give the benefits of a Saints day on any of the feasts that involve her. Requirements: Drains full QP, a quick prayer. Effect: Gives a bonus of +2 to the next role to accomplish any non-violent objective and a prayer to her wipes away all combat fatigue and restores 1 LP.

St Eugendus, abbot, confessor.
Fourth abbot of Condat, near Geneva, Switzerland. Eugendus was never ordained, but he was a noted Scripture scholar. Requirements: Ten minutes prayer. An additional donation requiring the petitioner to double the normal fee paid for kloster access (where applicable), Drains full QP. Effect: when a player learns from a Saints life, they gain the knowledge of two saints.

January 2
St Basil the Great

Basil is accounted one of the greatest figure in the history of the early church. Though not an imposing man, and not long at the centre of the violent world convulsions than Christianity was experiencing he left an indelible mark on Church history. He is noted for his personal virtue, regard for the poor and aescetic lifestyle. Requirements: Full Communion, all day fast, reciting the offices. Effect: Duration, next day. A successful prayer to St Basil grants +2 PDL to Persuasion (Influence) rolls when interacting with Churchmen and Religious.

January 3
St John the Evangelist, apostle
John, was one of the original apostles of Christ and a leading shepherd of the early Christian Church who is credited with the authorship of several letters in the new Testament including the book of the Apocalypse. Even amongst Christ's closest followers, he is noted for his close relationship with his master and is present many times where the other disciples deserted Jesus as well as taking over the responsibility of caring for the mother of Christ. Requirements: Ten minutes prayer, drains full QP Effect: Duration: next interaction/combat. Grants the petitioner an inspiring presence giving +1 PDL to all Persuasion rolls or +1 PDL to all accuracy rolls for all allies within three yards during combat.

January 4
The Holy Innocents, martyrs
These were the children killed by a fearful King Herod, who believed the infant Jesus was going to supplant his crown. They are accounted to be the first to die for Christ. Requirements: Drains full QP, Requires a full tithe of a tenth of all wealth donated to an Orphanage at the earliest opportunity. Effect: Allows the petitioner and his or her companions to completely elude immediate pursuit by legitimate authorities as long as there is a potential escape route.

January 5
St (King) Edward the, confessor.

King Edward ruled England immediately prior to the Norman conquest and his reign was marked by peace and prosperity. He is the patron saint of kings and rulers as well as difficult marriages. Requirements: A quick prayer before an audience or over the recipient of healing, drains half QP. Effect: Grants +1 PDL to all Persuasion (Influence) rolls when interacting with nobility or +1 LP PDL damage healed if prayed at the soonest safe opportunity after damage is inflicted.

January 6
Feast of the Epiphany
St Wiltrudis, widow and abbess of Bergen

St Wiltrudis was the wife of the Duke of Bavaria. After the Duke died, she founded an abbey near Neuberg on the Danube. She was a widely accounted a kind woman and a skilled artisan. Requirements: In Communion, ten minutes prayer. Grants +1 PDL to next Craftsman roll.

January 7
St Valentine, bishop of Passau

This 5th century Martyr was patron of Epileptics and first bishop of the town of Passau. Requirements: In communion, ten minutes prayer, drains full QP. Effect: +1 PDL to next Medicine (Healing) roll and increased reputation for the next week in the town of Passau.

January 8
St Erhard, Bishop of Regensburg

A seventh Century Bishop of Regensburg, in the Rhineland. He was born in Ireland and went to Germany as a missionary and with St Hilduf founded seven monasteries. He baptised St Odilia, curing her blindness. Requirements: A full day's prayer, have been an ordained Priest. Drains full QP. Effect: Cures blindness from one individual.

January 9
St Julian and Basilissa, chaste couple, martyr

Were a couple forced to marry by their families, they kept to a vow of perpetual chastity and along with other Christians endured many persecutions until eventually Basilissa dies a peaceful death. While both were alive, they shared their home as a hospital for the sick. The governor of Antioch Martyred Julian by beheading. Requirements: Petitioner must be married or have sworn vow of chastity, must tithe a florin for care of the infirm. Effects: +1 PDL LP healed to one individual.

January 10
St Paul, the first hermit.

Was born of a wealthy family but gave up his property and lived a simple hermits life in the desert. He died of natural causes and his grave was dug and guarded by lions. Requirements: Fast on only bread and water for a day (-1LP for that day), tithe a full tenth of all wealth. Effect: +1 PDL to Animal Handling (Animal Training roll) to domesticate a wild animal.

January 11
Death of the Three Kings
St Paelamon

A desert hermit, the mentor of St Pachomius. He helped create the first true monastic communities. Requirements: Drains full QP, a quick prayer. Effect: grants +1 PDL to next Persuasion roll when interacting with those in a monastic community.

January 12
St Tigrius and Eutropius, martyr

Both vocal supporters of St John Crysostom. They were accused of attempting to set fire to the Cathedral in Constantinople. Tigrius was banished after the ensuing torture but Eutropius was martyred. Requirements: Drains full QP, ten minutes prayer. Effect: Duration: next interaction. Grants +1 PDL to all persuasion rolls when speaking in support of a friend or ally. Alternatively, can cause any building to catch fire.

January 13
Octave of Epiphany
St Godfrey, Count of Cappenburg

He gave up his inheritance of a noble title to follow St Norbet and care for the sick and needy. Enraged nobles assaulted the donated castle but St Godfrey endured all trials and became a monk. He eventually made peace with his family. He died peacefully only five years later. Requirements: Must subsequently tithe a tenth of all wealth for the care of the poor and sick. Effect: Duration, a siege. Grants +1 PDL to all Military Arts rolls in a battle to defend a fortress.

January 14
St Felix of Nola,

A third Century Saint, who was ordained a Priest by the Bishop of Nola. During persecutions, that bishop was forced to flee and St Felix was taken prisoner and tortured. During the night an Angel appeared and told him to go to the Bishops aid, he agreed and the Chains fell from him allowing him to bring food and water to the Bishop. Another time St Felix was able to hide from his persecutors because a spider wove a web over his hiding place. When the persecutions ended, he tuned down the position of bishop and lived frugally off the land, devoting what he could spare to the poor and died peacefully in an unknown year. Requirements: In communion, a quick prayer, subsequently tithe a tenth of wealth to care of the poor. Effect: Duration, one day. Grants +1 PDL to all Stewardship (Domestic arts) rolls. Or Can grant a miraculous escape of petitioner and companions (who must also tithe) from prison.

January 15
St Peter of Castelnau

Was a Cistercian Papal Legate and Inquisitor noted for his intelligence. He was sent to convince the heretic Albegensians to repent and rejoin the church. However, an ambitious Count incited them to murder the legate and this act sparked the crusade against the Albigensians. Requirements: In full communion, ten minutes of prayer, drains full QP. Effect: Grants +1 PDL to next Theology or Lore roll.

January 16
St Tatian Dulas and companions, martyrs

Was arrested, along with his companions, during persecutions in Cicilia. He refused to worship the Pagan god Apollo and was tortured and killed. Requirements: In Communion, a quick Prayer, drains half QP. Effect: Duration one hour. Grants a +1 PDL bonus to all attempts by petitioner and companions to resist the effects of Pagan magic (Theurgy).

January 17
St Severus bishop of Bourges

Was born in Gaul in the fifth century. He went to England with St Germanus to aid him in fighting The heresy of Pelagius there. He then worked to spread Christianity in Germany before taking up the Bishophoric of Bourges in Gaul where he eventually died peacefully. Requirements: In communion, drains half QP. Effect: Grants +1 PDL to next Persuasion (Influence) roll. Prayer gives a boost to reputation if in a French town.

January 18
St Ulfrid, martyr

Born in England he was one of the missionaries that brought Christianity to northern Europe. He was martyred by Pagans for cutting down one of their idols to the god Thor. Requirements: A full hours prayer, drains full QP. Effect: Completely sanctifies a Pagan or Satanic alter, nullifying its effects forever.

January 19
St Pontianus, martyr

A church leader exiled by the Emperor Maxianus to Sardinia where he eventually died as a result of the harsh treatment. During his time as Pope he was able to heal a deep schism within the church. Requirements: In communion, ten minutes prayer, drains full QP. Effect: Grants +1 PDL to the next persuasion roll to settle an argument between two quarrelling parties.

January 20
St Mary and Martha

Mary and Martha were sisters of Lazarus, the one Jesus raised from the dead. When Jesus visited their home, Martha was busy working to provide hospitality and in frustration, chided her sister Mary for simply sitting at Jesus' feet listening to what he had to say. Jesus gently corrected here and told her that Mary had made the correct choice to listen to his words while he was still on earth. It is Martha who later goes to Jesus and beseeches him to raise her brother from the dead. Requirements: A day spent reading scriptures and in prayer. Effects: Duration, one day. Grants +1 PDL to all Stewardship (Domestic arts) rolls.

January 21
St Agnes, virgin, martyr
When she refused to marry the man her family chose for her, her father wished to have her put to death but could not legally do so while she was still a virgin. He had her dragged through the streets naked toward a brothel, but her prayers caused her hair to grow and cover her. Those who attempted to rape her were struck blind. They attempted to burn her, but the wood did not catch fire, so she was eventually beheaded. But her body was recovered and a chapel was built on her grave. Requirements: Ten minutes in prayer, drains full QP, petitioner must be a woman. Effect: Renders petitioner invulnerable to all attacks for a single round.

January 22
St Vincent, deacon, martyr

He was ordained a Deacon and took over the Bishop's preaching responsibilities as that man had an impairment of speech. He suffered greatly under the persecutions of Diocletian, being tortured in innumerable ways, until they lay him on a soft bed to break his resolve. Instead he died upon the bed and his body was first cast to the vultures, but a raven protected it, then he was cast into the sea, but his body washed up on the shore and was retrieved and buried by a widow. A Chapel was built on the grave. He is often called on by wine-makers, craftsmen and sailors. Requirements: In full communion, a quick prayer, a small donation to the nearest church. Effects: Grants +1 PDL to one of: next Craftsman, Stewardship (Foodcraft) or Nautical arts (Seamanship) roll.

January 23
St John the Almoner, Bishop of Alexandria

He was of noble birth and married for a short time but entered church when his family died. He was known to give generously to the poor and also defended Christians from the Persians in the East. He predicated the time of his own death. Requirements: A quick prayer. A tithe for the care of the poor. Full communion. Effects: Duration 1 PDL rounds. The petitioner gains knowledge of his enemies intentions (they get to see their declared actions) in the next combat round and also gain +1 PDL to one evasion per round.

January 24
St Timothy, Apostle, martyr

St Timothy was the trusted companion of St Paul and accompanied him on many of his journeys and undertook a a number of tasks on his behalf. When St Paul was martyred he became the first bishop of Ephesus but was stoned to death for opposing the pagan festival of Diana. Requirements: In full communion, drains full QP, a quick prayer. Effects: Allows petitioner and companions to force march for that day with no negative effects, grants +1 PDL to next Persuasion roll.

January 25
Conversion of St Paul the apostle

St Amarinus, martyr
A Benedictine martyr, companion of St. Praejectus. Amarinus was bishop of Clermont, France. The valley of Saint Amarian in Alsace, France, is named in his honor. Requirements: In full communion, drains full QP. Effects: Duration one hour. Grants +1 to all Persuasion rolls when interacting with Clergy. Gives a boost to local reputation when in the Rhineland and Burgundy.

January 26
St Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, martyr
Polycarp is one of the earliest church leaders whose writing service. He knew St John the Evangelist and was a leading church figure in the period immediately after the passing away of the last apostles. He conflicted with Rome over the changing of the holy day to Sunday (Polycarp and his congregation kept to Saturday) though is highly regarded by the Roman church. He was martyred in the arena, the crowd screaming for his blood. Requirements: Drains full QP, ten minutes of prayer. Effects: Allows the petitioner to escape sanction by religious authorities over a minor infraction against canon law.

January 27
St John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, Doctor of the Church
Chrysostom means "Golden mouthed" and he was famed for his speeches interpreting scripture. He was highly educated, though often troubled by stomach complaints. He unwillingly took up the post of Bishop of Constantinople and his preaching there soon earned him the ire of nobles and senior clergymen, whom he chastised for not sharing enough with the poor. He was twice exiled from that city as a result of these tension. Requirements: Tithe a full tenth of all wealth to the poor. Effects: Grants +1 to all Persuasion (Influence) rolls for the next day and also grants +1 PDL to next Theology (Philosophy) or Lore (Religion) roll.

January 28
St Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church

Sometimes called the "Angelic Doctor" for his theology. Born of a noble family, he secretly joined the Dominican Friars. When his family discovered this they kidnapped him for a year in an attempt to force him to change his mind. He did not and rejoined the Dominican, eventually earning a Doctorate though his studies and teaching in several universities. He was called to the university of paris by the King himself and then later to Naples, where he worked on his masterpiece the "Summa Theologica". Upon receiving revelations, he abandoned this work saying that mere written words could never compare to divine glory. He died soon after of ill health on the way to the church council of Lyons. Requirements: Drains full QP, In communion, an hours prayer. Effects: Gives +1 PDL to all Theology and Lore (religion) rolls for the next hour.

St Margaret of Hungary
Daughter of the King and Queen of Hungary and Granddaughter to the Byzantine Emperor. When Hungary was saved from the Tartars, she was pledged to a convent in thanks. Her father later arranged a marriage for her, but she refused and took holy vows. She is known for her penances and kindness to the common people. Numerous miracles are attributed to her. Requirements: A quick prayer, Drains full QP. Effects: Restores fatigue during combat. Gives a +1 Bonus to next persuasion roll when dealing with nobility and gives a bonus to reputation while in the kingdom of Hungary.

January 29
St Anastasia, widow, martyr

Not much is known of this Saint except that she was a Roman noblewoman who was married to a Pagan and was martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian. Requirements: In communion, a quick praye, Drains full QP. Effects: Gives a bonus to reputation when in Italy. Grants +1 PDL to rolls to evade or resist pagan magic for the next hour.

January 30
St Adelgundis, virgin, abbess at Mauberge

She came from a family of Saints, being the daughter of Saint Walbert and Saint Bertilia; sister of Saint Waldetrudis and was the aunt of Saint Madalberta. She lived as a hermitess at Mauberge and the cell of followers that formed around here formed the core of a Benedictine monastery, of which she was the first abbess. She was accounted to be a visionary. Requirments; Spend a full day and night in fast, Drains full QP, one hour in prayer. Effects: Grants visions of nearby Pagan or heretical activity.

January 31
St Mark the evangelist, martyr

He is believed to be the young man in the New Testament who is reported to have fled when Jesus was captured. He often accompanied St Peter and is the author of one of the four Gospels. He founded a famous Christian school in Alexandria. representations of this saint often incorporate a lion. Requirements: In communion, a quick prayer, drains full QP Petitioner must tithe to the nearest church. Effects: Will rescue petitioner form wild animals when invoked, gives a bonus to reputation when in Venice, gives a +1 PDL bonus to next Lore (Religion) roll.

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