Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fletcher's Blade

While stuck around waiting for the damned rail pass to get stamped by one of Oakley’s grimey lackeys when we fell to listening to an old Ulati warrior. The guy was some sort walking fossil and his face was one big scar, except for the hammer and thunderbolt tattoos on either cheek. Aaanyway he was holding forth on the exploits of some dead Raven…

His way of telling it was kinda interesting, and let’s face it none of us had ever heard of a cleric made out of Brass and Adamantite before. What really got our attention though, was when he started talking about the guys first blade, PURE TRUE SILVER, the old Ulati saw our interest too, we had to buy him another jug before he would carry on talking….. Turns out the sword had ended up not far from here, past the old Amral Portal, stuck through the chains holding back a Black Drake!

The functionary still hadn’t come through when we went to the Clock tower the next day so we resolved to buy the old guy more mead… Thing is, the barkeep said the wind had taken the old warriors soul before the dawn and his fellows had already come for his boots and great hammer.

So we never did get to ask how big a Drake it would take to get an old warrior to take his time going in to fetch that sword.

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