Sunday, December 7, 2008


Epic speakEveryday "game speak"
BonusesStat Value:1 (-4), 2 (-3), 3 (-2), 4 ( -1), 5 (0), 6 (0), 7 (+1), 8 (+2), 9 (+3), 10 (+4)
GuideIn almost every system this is referred to as the "GM" (game master)
Vitality and Build (VIT and BLD)I get the impression that (since the cost of attribute points isn't scaled) BLD is a far more useful stat than VIT. BLD affects damage, HP, carrying capacity as well as making you harder to knock around with some combat options. VIT affects HP and makes it easier to resist some diseases and poisons. If you can do the resistence and healing thing with Philtrology or the Medicine skill, then is the HP from VIT worth the "opportunity cost" to BLD? (any comments?)
What Bonuses doModify damage, modify athletic actions, modify life points. That's it. (note: open to correction, I am new to this)
Decision rollDice roll, just roll both d10's and add them. Double "1's" = very bad, double "0's" = very good.
1d5Lets all agree 1d10/2 rounded down (like you would 1d3) is simpler eh? So 1-2 =1, 3-4 =2, etc.
How rolling works. Aside from the exceptions above, you will be rolling either plain old "skill (specialty)" or stat (VA) when you want to do something. Skills matter the most.
Skill (Specialty) MasterySkill = the basic skill, Specialty = a cheap upgrade for the skill that only works for a narrower set of actions, if you don't have the specialty, just use the plain skill. Mastery/ Grand Mastery = special perks or abilities that you can buy when you reach higher skill levels.
+1 to VA Mastery/ Grand MasterySome skill (specialties) give the opportunity to increase physical and mental stats when you buy the Masteries and Grand Masteries, you can get a total +3 to stats this way.
Life points, LPA simple "wounds" system. You have 6 boxes on your character sheet, your LP = how much damage it takes to fill a box, every filled box is a wound and gives a -1 penalty to actions (not damage).
Protection level, PLArmour points, AP.
Accuracy rollTo hit or attack roll
Order of actions, order rollInitiative, rolling for initiative.
Quintessence Points, QPMagic points, MP
VA's, Vital attributesStats, Attributes
PDL"Per Difficulty level", the effects scale depending on how high you roll: at 5, 10, 15, 20 etc
"Talent"An ingenuous Epic concept that means that any character needs to make double sure that the mental stats relating to their important skills are good, or they will never be able to afford to advance. Talent in a skill is one, plus the linked stat bonus. The Talent is the interval for each +1 Exp cost for skills (starts at 1). Untalented characters have bonuses that set the talent to 0. You are only getting 3 Exp every 2-3 sessions or so, make sure you have a good talent in important skills.
Critical Table, Fumble tableSee "0's" and "1's" above, this Epic concept is happily in plain English, I just wanted to single it out because I just love a critical table. Lovely work.

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