Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Sword of Lucius Vorenus

This finely wrought antique was recovered by Seighard from the tomb of a Centurion in old ruins beneath the Jewish Quarter of Regensburg. Despite the supernatural nature of the denizens of the ruins, the sword itself is imbued with no unnatural or otherworldly essence. Rather, it is 'merely' finely balanced and well honed, made of an alloy that betters anything even the swordsmiths of Paderborn can produce. Aside from it's high standard or workmanship, the blade bears only one distinguishing mark, the number "XI" embossed upon it's pommel.

The blade is a Gladius wrought of a blue steel. It does 2D10 damage, +1 to hit (Acc) and to damage (Pwr) and is light and finely balanced, -2 to Weight.

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