Monday, December 22, 2008

Knights of St Lazarus of Jerusalem


These are an order of Hospitaller monks, like those of St John. However, unlike the Knights of St John, the care they provide is not the transitory succor of pilgrims but the long term housing and care of those holy unfortunates, miselli, afflicted with leprosy. Their oganisation differs markedly, being a loose order of fairly autonomous houses, the majority of members being the leper patients themselves, who are required to bring their wealth into the order when they join. They are full brothers and often rise to the rank of prior or preceptor (the order maintained no overall command like the other orders). Despite their focus on the care of lepers, they are a military order, having prominently featured in many of the major battles in the holy land. They still maintain their military character in the numerous houses that remain in Europe and their role in society (Popes have ordained that lepers be consigned only to their houses) and requirements for entrants have ensured they are a wealthy order.

Devices and colours: The symbol of their order is the eight pointed green cross of St Lazarus.

Skills: Animal handling, Melee arms, Maneuvering, Medicine, Theology.

Secret Masteries

Holy Knighthood (Melee arts (Bladed weapons) Mastery), the novice Hospitaller is Knighted (if of sufficient station or deed) and the accorded the right to command his own Gleve (Lance) of lesser soldiers. If he is unable to attain the rank of knight he will be styled "Sergeant" and hold the same position of command. He will be granted a sword of good quality along with armour and horses appropriate to his station. His sure presence will give +1 to defense rolls for his Gleve (any party may act as a Gleve outside of battle) when in formation.

Hospitaller (Medicine (Healing) Mastery) Through the ongoing care of the miselli and devotion to the healing arts practiced by the order, the monk gains Philtrology and Dominion at lvl 1, as well as one variant from the curatives formulae of Philtrology, they are restricted to these formulae alone.

Holy works (Medicine (Healing) Grand Mastery) The Hospitaller attains the rank of Preceptor and oversees one of the rich independent houses of the order. Due to his station, he will be welcome in any religious house in Christendom and has the finances of his house at his disposal. More significantly, their long years of faithful care of societies holy unfortunates has given rendered them immune to all disease.

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