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The money in my game borrows the simple system used by the game Darklands to represent the myriad feudal coinages, there is one standard: 12 Pfennig (pf)= 1 Groschen or Schilling (g), 20 Groschen = 1 Florin (fl). The standard coin for Epicrpg purposes is the silver Groschen or Schilling (g), copper Pfennigs are really just shortchange for peasants to deal in and the golden "Florins", or "Guilden" or "Guilders" are what the great lords and merchants will tend to trade with.

The prices presented here are those in the Regensberg of the SRI campaign setting, a larger than average city in the Empire, albeit not one of the major centers, and on important overland trade routes , giving access to a wider array of Arms. The only truly overpriced item will be the Longbow and it's specialised arrows as the best place to get them is the Low Countries.

Skill and stat minimums: You suffer a -2 penalty to accuracy and damage if you do not meet one of the minimums, you suffer a -5 penalty if you do not meet two or more of them. If the weapon has the AP, AC, KO or S characteristic, it loses it, the exception to this is that guns and crossbows always retain their AP. I have pulled these figures out of the air, since we need a chance to play test, but they work right to my mind. However, I am open to comment.

Quilted Gambeson (Arms and Torso)5210g
Quilted Leggings526g
Cuirboulli (boiled leather) Cuirass 1131fl, 8g, 9 pf
Leather Tunic (Arms and Torso)1031fl, 3g
Cuirboulli Vambrace and Rerebrace (Arms)10315g, 6pf
Cuirboulli Greaves10315g
Leather Tunic reinforced with studs or scales (torso only)1441 fl, 7g
Brigandine (Torso)2053 fl, 8g
Scale Hauberk (Torso and upper legs)2453fl, 5g
Mail Habergeon (Short Hauberk)1544fl 8g
Mail Hauberk (Torso and arms)2557fl 4g
Plate Vambrace and Rerebrace (arms)735fl
Plate Vambrace (arms)622fl
Plate Greaves with Kneeguards 735fl
Plate Greaves (legs)622fl
Plate Cuirass (Backplate, Frontplate, Groinguard and Rumpguard20611fl, 5 g
Gauntlets 101g
Sabaton (Armoured Boots)318g
Leather hood117g
Mail Coif322fl 1g
Open face helm522fl, 16g
Closed Face helm733fl, 5g
Great Helm1038fl, 6g
Sallet 524fl, 2g
Bethor (worn with Sallet)213fl
ArmsMin Skill/Min attribute bonusWeightGripDmg CostRange

Bearded AxeMGT -1, BLD -1
(+1, +1, +1 if wielded single handed)
6HH2d101fl, 2g2
Great AxeMGT +2, BLD +2
102H3d102fl, 1g, 8pf3
FrancescaMGT-1, Bld-221H1d103g1(15)

Bladed Weapons

1/21H1d105g, 1pf1(10)
FalchionMGT +1, BLD +0, Skill +141H2d1014g, 3pf2
Greatsword (Zweihander)MGT +2, BLD +2, Skill +4102H3d102fl, 15g3
Bastard SwordMGT +1, BLD +1, Skill +2 (+2, +2, +4 if wielded single handed)6HH2d10+1d51fl, 18g2
Long SwordMGT +1, BLD +0, Skill +2 41H2d101fl, 6g 2pf2
Short Sword MGT -2, BLD -221H1d10+1d514g2
Poniard (AP)MGT+1, Skill+111H1d1012g, 5pf1


ClubMGT-2, BLD -241H1d105g1 (20)
Great ClubMGT+0, BLD-192H2d108g, 6pf2
Mace (AC)MGT +0, BLD +0, (+1, +1, Skill +1 if wielded single handed)6HH2d108g, 6pf2
Maul MGT +2, BLD +2, Skill +1122H2d1010g2
Warhammer (AP)MGT +1, BLD +2, Skill +262H2d1016g, 6pf3
StaveMGT -2, BLD -242H1d10+1d512pf3
Flail (AC, SD)MGT -1, BLD -1, (+0, +0, Skill +1 if wielded single handed)6HH2d1013g, 4pf2
Great Flail (AC, SD)MGT +0, BLD +0 Skill +192H2d10+1d514g3

Missile Weapons

Arbalet (light French version)MGT-2, BLD -211H1d102fl, 10g50
Armbrust (Goatslever) (AP)MGT-1, BLD 06HH3d101fl, 2g 6pf300
Old Stirrup crossbow (AP)MGT-2, BLD -23HH2d107g, 6pf200
Arbalest (AP)MGT +1, BLD +1, Skill+2
102H4d102fl, 5g400
Iron Handgun (AP)*MGT 0, BLD +1,
(a gunrest removes the stat minimums)
72H4d103fl, 3g, 6pf400
SlingMGT+0, BLD-1, Skill +301H2d104pf150
Staff-Sling (Haft is a Quaterstave)MGT+0, BLD+0, Skill +432H2d10+1d51g, 2pf200
Hunting BowMGT-1, BLD-1, Skill +122H2d1019g, 8pf150
English Longbow MGT+2, BLD +1, Skill +542H3d106fl, 15g300
Eastern Composite bowMGT+1, BLD+1, Skill +432H3d1020fl350
Note, bows may not be left strung.

62HEnsnare2g, 4pf5


Bill (AP)MGT+0, BLD+0, Skill+1102H2d101fl, 18g4
CatchpoleMGT-1, BLD -2, Skill+1122H-2g4
GlaiveMGT+0, BLD+0, Skill+1102H2d101fl, 16g4
Halberd (AP) Can unhorse RidersMGT+0, BLD+0, Skill+2102H2d101fl, 14g, 8pf4
JavelinMGT-2, BLD-2, Skill+111H1d10+1d51g, 8pf2(40)
LanceMGT+0, BLD+0, Skill +2
121H2d1010g, 8pf4
PikeMGT+0, BLD+0, Skill +262H2d1014g5
Pole axeMGT+0, BLD +0, Skill +192H3d102 fl3
SpearMGT-1, BLD-24HH2d108g 4pf3


Blackjack (KO)
Chain (B)
31H1d102g, 3f2
1/22H1 IL/turn4g, 10pf1
11H1d101g, 9pf1
Whip (MGT and BLD do not add to dmg)
31H1d52g, 1pf3


Balls and powder

5g per 20
Arrow or Quarrel

2g per 20
Broad head Arrow or Quarrel
+1-53g per 20-150
Blunt Arrow or Quarrel (S)

4g per 20-200
Bodkin Arrow (AP)

5g per 20-100

*A Gun takes six turns to load.

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