Sunday, December 7, 2008


This campaign is inspired by many hours of fun exploring the fantastic world of Germany in the 15th Century with the PC game Darklands, more information on this classic PC RPGcan be found here:

The game system used is my newest acquisition Epic RPG by Dark Matter Studios. Any clumsiness in rules implementation is entirely my own as this website is going live before I have even had a chance to run a session.

Further period feel was obtained at the ever useful (well for fantasy settings at least!) Wikipedia and appreciation of the Hanse further developed with the strategy game Patrician III and my love of period warfare indulged by Medieval: Total War

Here are the full game credits for "Darklands". While in the end this campaign setting was pretty much the result of my own research, the guys who designed "Darklands" provide a good template for game purposes. Things in my game like the relative size of cities, locations of various goods, or how to model Catholicism, or in fact any number of small "Darklandisms", always fall back on my recollection of the PC game when the ready historical sources fail me. While their treatment of the setting turns out to be quite limited in some ways (it's only a PC game after all), their core vision of 15th Century "Greater Germany" is the inspiration that got me into researching the period on my own.

Original Concept: Arnold Hendrick
Project Leader: Arnold Hendrick
Design: Arnold Hendrick, Douglas Kaufman, Sandy Petersen, Jim Synoski, Doug Whatley
Programming: Bryan Stout, Jim Synoski, Doug Whatley
Music / Sound Programming: Ken Lagace, Jim McConkey, Scott Patterson
Graphics / Artwork Patrick Downey, Rawn Martin, David Menehan, Erroll Roberts, Jackie Ross, Chris Soares
Music: Jeffery L. Briggs (Damn you for that overland theme, over ten years and I still can't get it out of my head)
Art Director: Michael Haire
Packaging: L.M. Jones, Moshe Milich
Documentation: Juanita M. Bussard, Arnold Hendrick, Iris Leigh Idokogi
Playtesting: Frank Brown, Mike Corcoran, Michael Craighead, Chris Hewish, Jeff Johannigman, Ted Markley, David Osborn, Michael Rea, Alan Roireau, Bill Stealey, Vaughn Thomas, Timothy Train, Nick Yuran
Quality Assurance: Jonathan Caspian-Kaufman, Douglas Kaufman, B.C. Milligan

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