Sunday, December 7, 2008


A Calendar of Saints venerated in the Holy Roman Empire can be found here. It is a master file of all Saints, by their feast day, for every day of the year. Search within the document to locate the Saint you are wish to find or search by date or month to locate Saints that will be easiest to petition at a given time. When the Calendar is complete, each saint will have a subject tag as part of their entry to help find which Saints will be usefully be able to intercede on your behalf in a given situation. Some of the Saints provide quite subtle aid, the aid of other's is frankly miraculous and is likely to cause a commotion if witnessed by many. This is a time of strong religious devotion and the working of miracles in a place will likely spark a new local cult or observance and the attention of religious authorities.

A prayer to a Saint will only succeed if the petitioner meets the conditions stipulated in the Saint's entry. In many cases the condition will be a Christian practice, usually a period of prayer including a set number of "Paters" and often a good work like an act of charity, donation to a church or set fast. A significant sub-set of the Saints require the petitioner to be in full communion. Such an individual must have attended the Eucharist either at least weekly on a Sunday, or if this is not possible at least monthly, attended monthly confession and observed the fast on Friday and before the Eucharist, as well as observing the holy days of obligation. In theory, all the baptised follow these practices and the life of a community will be organised with this in mind, not following these practices is socially deviant and will negatively impact on a character's reputations in this and nearby communities. In the wilderness and on campaign, often only the individual's conscience and God are privy to whether the practices are being adhered to, but this is of course still sufficient to bar an individual from receiving a Saints aid until they are restored to communion.

Fortunately not all the Saints are so demanding. If nothing else, characters may wish to learn of the lives of St Mary the Mother of Christ, St Jude and any patrons of their community or chosen activity as these will often not require the petitioner to be in full communion. In addition to requiring certain practices or tithes, Saints often have one further price: many Saints draw a good proportion, if not all, the petitioners Quintessence when they grant a prayer.

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