Monday, November 1, 2010

Session synopsis - AD&D 1e Ch 1.

I think the Tomb of horrors sessions gave Chris a taste for some real old school AD&D action. We ran OSRIC on Saturday.

They had to roll 3d6 for stats (no, not in order, I am not an ass) and I gave them full HP for level one. The group was: Elven Mage, Elven Fighter/Thief, Dwarven Cleric/Fighter, Halfling Thief.

Summary follows:
The emerged from a glowing and crackling blue doorway (this was lost on them, none of them were Ultima players!) into the howling wind atop a stony mesa. They saw a ruined Caravan below, with two riders in shining armour driving a pack of small raiders before them up the road to the river.

The group went down into the Savannah to investigate the Caravan. There, they were ambushed by little lizard-headed kobolds. They saw the first lot off. Success went to the Dwarf's head. He hatched the 'genius' plan of advancing right up to the Caravan (where they could see some Kobold crossbow-lizards) and taking the hit on his remaining HP, reasoning he could just heal up the next round. He charged up and skewered what he thought was a Kobold, only to get a cloud of feathers as it exploded - it was but a ruse! And then he heard a hissing sound.... (at this point another player said "they're Moties" - I'm glad they are following some of the references!) The hissing was followed by a loud Kaboom! and the Dwarf bought the farm. The rest of them headed in. The Elven Mage used his sleep-spell to subdue the rest of the Caravan. They then looted.

The Two shining silver-armoured figures returned, riding lean saurian mounts. They were unsurprised to face outworlders speaking in a strange tongue, and one of them could even translate. They said that there had been much Kobold trouble of late, despite this being only hours from a garrison - they laid this at the door of increased activity out of the nearby Caves of Chaos. There was a reward to be had for returning the mining goods in the Caravan the companions joined them on the way to the nearest settlement, a large keep on the borderlands of the High Kingdom of Armanthor. There they collected the reward, and stocked up, ready to make there next move in this strange and dangerous world.