Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Brand of Tigrius and Eutropius

This appears to be an unprepossessing stick the length of a man's forearm with one burnt end. However, if the brand is clasped in both hands, the end springs into burning flame. This will occur under any conditions, miraculously requiring neither air nor dryness to ignite and consuming no air while burning. It will even burn underwater. The wood is said to be part of the charred remains of the old Cathedral in Constantinople and is smooth, dark and always warm to touch.

Igniting the torch immediately drains 1 ESS from the wielder and it will burn burn under any conditions for one minute unless voluntarily extinguished. If there is air and the wood is still dry, it will continue to burn past this point without consuming itself but it will begin to consume air. The brand can be employed as a weapon (range 1), in which case it either cause 1d10 LP damage from it's combined weight and fire, or for a further 1 ESS per use, it may set a target alight (the target may attempt to evade or block the blow as normal) in addition to it's normal damage on a successful hit. Just attempting to use the brand in this fashion leads to ESS drain, whether the burning end actually connects and ignites the target or not.

How the brand came to be in that nobleman's cellar is a complete mystery. Perhaps all knowledge of the brands previous history died with that man and his family.

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