Saturday, December 13, 2008


My favourite time waster recently has been to browse OD&D blogs. While I don't necessarily agree with what is sometimes an unnecessarily fetishistic approach, I think they make a lot of good points.

I've decided to run a game in my D&D world using an OD&D clone, "Labyrinth Lord" (LL hereafter). It can be found here: http://http//

However, while it avoids the pitfall of wanting to be too 'Old school', I am going to be making some minor changes to chargen, minor I say. I will also be adding a 3rd Edism, because it will be fun.
LL uses this basic scheme:

3 (-3)
4-5 (-2)
6-8 (-1)
9-12 (0)
13-15 (+1)
16-17 (+2)
18 (+3)

And "Swords&Wizardry", which wants to be as much like the first D&D as it can, ( found here: uses:

3-8 (-1)
9-12 (0)
13-18 (+1)

We will be using my own version:

3 (-2)
4-8 (-1)
8-12 (0)
13-17 (+1)
18 (+2)

Having easy +1s and the possibility of +3s just overdoes the stat inflation right there in chargen. A +1 should mean something. However, I also want an 18 to mean something. This applies to Con, Str, Dex and Wis bonuses. Cha is fine already. Int is a particular case, the table is in general fine but I will be giving a bonus spell to those magic users and Elves of very high (15+) Intelligence.

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