Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting back up to speed

Well, it's been a while, so here is some material to refresh your memory:

The character backgrounds:

Miklos the Hungarian
Thom Ecke
Seighard of Zurich
Hans Vohrberg

And a quick Q&A:

What are we playing again?
Epic RPG, set in the Sacrum Romanum Imperium aka 'Darklands'. It is the first half of the 15th Century and your characters are attempting to make their fortunes at the margins of society. This is the end of the medieval era and the land is undergoing profound social and political upheaval, so it's a good time to be an armed adventurer.

Where are we?
You are in the Alps in winter, to the South of the Empire and West of the River Inn. In the Tomb of Divine Augustus, beneath Mt Innesfreis. More specifically, in a large underground room, with an alter at one end and a number of wooden benches arranged before it. You discovered that these benches alternatively contained coin and deadly gas traps. Whoever set this place up was a bastard. Luckily you brought an Alchemist with you.

Why are we here?
You are attempting to recover some 'family heirlooms' (Stefano thinks he is descended from Caesar?) as part of a joint venture with Stefano de Medici. You found the clue to this place after investigating the catacombs beneath the Jewish Quarter of Regensburg. Seighard found a nice sword and a little loot there. However, your way further was barred by a door with the clue to the tomb's location on it and some kind of confounding force barring it. Things got a bit messed up in Regensburg, so this seemed like a good opportunity to let things 'die down' a little.

Full session logs are here:
The session logs.

I have also made some small changes to the equipment list (several basic weapons now have lower minimums, Lances and Pikes get higher ones). I will bring a revised copy to the game.

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