Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The Calixtines form the core of the Utraquist cadres, trained by the visionary tactician Jan Zivska himself. Bohemian outrage at the burning at the stake of the religious leader Jan Hus sparked the defenestration of officials and open rebellion. The teachings of the Martyr Hus sparked two major religious factions: The fanatic Taborites and the moderate Utraquists, who wished to regain the right to receive communion in both forms.

The Hussites were harbingers of a military revolution. Sigismund himself remarked, after the eventual end to the Hussite Wars, that: "only Hussites could in the end defeat Hussites." Calixstines fight as infantry and employ a high proportion of the new handheld gunpowder weapons. These, along with skilled use of innovative 'Wagenburg' tactics saw them defeat Catholic crusaders, year after year.


Melee arms or Ranged arms, Military Arts, Maneuvering, Theology, +1 LP

Secret Masteries

It is our Right (Theology (Catholicism) Mastery) Requires a Theology (Catholicism) roll vs a moderate (10) difficulty. Spurred by devotion to his cause and a keen sense for the point of decision in battle, the character gains first strike against any enemies in melee with them.

Draw them in. (Ranged Arms (Gunpowder) Mastery) Anyone hit by a shot from the character's gun must make a resistance roll vs a moderate (10) difficulty or be forced to disengage from their current activity and make their maximum combat move, without sacrificing further actions, toward the character.

Wall of Steel (Theology (Catholicism) Grand Mastery) The Character is awarded the title of Commander of Wagons. He gains +1 LP and additionally, gains +1 PL vs ranged attacks.

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