Monday, October 18, 2010

Session synopsis - Ch 3 pt 1.

The companions resolved to further explore the Tomb of Divine Augustus. Miklos had his gender changed, then back again, Han stood in the way of a thunderbolt and Seighard investigated a strange brain in a jar. Afterward, they repaired back to the comfort of the cultists' former demense and took their leisure.

All save Seighard that is, who unknowingly at the behest of the brain, crept into Miklos' room and bound and drugged him. When all awoke the next morning, there were vexed words, and Han set out to settle the matter in the tomb, with Seighard in hot pursuit. Unfortunately for Seighard, the brain persuaded Han that the Alchemist was a more pressing threat.

Hans ambushed Sieghard in the dark of the cavern outside the tomb. Minutes later, a wrathful Miklos arrived in time to slay Seighard with his crossbow. Shocked at the turn of events, Han shook off the malign mental influence. Thom Ecke brought up the rear and grimly took his firearm into the brain's room in the tomb, stelled his mind against its blandishments and blew it an the jar to pieces.

So the three who remained returned to the pagan chapel within the tomb. They did battle with clouds of red motes and discovered a secret door. Passing through it, they roped up and carefully made their way deeper into the tomb....

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