Sunday, October 24, 2010

Session synopsis - Ch 3 pt 2.

After making their way over the hidden pits, the adventurers found themselves in a long corridor. They explored cautiously ahead, striking pitons into the walls at 20' intervals and tapping the floor before them with a stout wooden pole. After some laborious progress, they did come to a door.

Sharp eared Miklos heard sounds beyond, and they planned and plotted how to breach the iron reinforced portal. Eventually, Paschal hit upon a plan. He remembered the alchemical variant that allowed Seighard of Zurich to breach Lois the Bearded's blockade on the River Inn. With this cast, they made their way through. Miklos, seeing a retreating torchlight and voices, resolved that these must signal others in the tomb making escape with the treasures. So he made chase. His haste nearly undid him, as the entire corridor proved to be a tilting floor than deposited him in a burning room at its foot. He barely made his escape and was pulled to safety by his more cautious companions.

Unsure how to proceed, they decided to throw numbers at the problem and had the men they freed from the cultist's fastness painstakingly search this relatively safe part of the tomb for them. Eventually, one found a secret door and they made their way downstairs. Paschal dispersed a strange mist, Han burnt some spiderwebs and Richard found a golden sceptre.

They also found the reanimated semblance of Augustus, still bedecked in his funerary wrappings. The battle was fierce indeed, but the Golden sceptre allowed Richard to slay the revenant Caesar, though not before he was cursed with a deafening voice. As the chamber began to visibly and audibly crumble, they took the crown, a jade box and quite that place to make their way back to their base in the mountain caves. There, they gathered a small band of henchmen and awaited the coming of spring and the thawing of the snow on the passes...

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