Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have it!

Finally! It took me ages to count that letter out, so I am glad someone eventually dechiphered it.

Here was the text:

Good Sir, master of any manor pursuant to this trouble.

These harrOwwing days only auger reknewed sorrows to all great and meek servant espouseing a life of Christ. Truely it sours my humble peaCe of mind, always finding herreTics where godly fArmers do till in hope of their rest in haeVen. I am greatly honoured it falls to hUmbler people in a role as an shepherd to carry forth God’s beneficiel plan for his fallen lost laMbs. To my sorrow the visit of merciless doom must today wash your demesNe clean. So a good friend of inocents needs bold saintly men to cleanse evil prOperly. Bavaria prays for aid. Our agent has the goodwill of God’s annoinTed, Clement IX, your Pope in Rome. Do not delay, sincereley gather Christ’s brAve heroes to go attack heretics and tools of demonic’s or evil men.

Dietrich von Mörs, Archbishop of Koln

Hans Vohrberg (Chris) must have spent the nights kept awake through the 'phantom pain' from his missing hand. He diligantly applied the fruits of the monks' tutelage and came up with this:

'Octavum Nota' is 'Eighth letter'

map to sword taken from elder at prag others to be removed then find map
bring only in secret to me

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