Thursday, January 8, 2009

Plattner of Nurnberg

Nurnburg, as well as being symbolically the Imperial capital and a major centre of trade, lies in a rich mining region and it's guilds were famed as the best armourers in the Empire. In reality a network of specialist guilds, the Nurnberg guild crafts the finest swords, axes and most famously armour to be found anywhere in Europe. Princes from far afield will have Nurnberg plate custom built and imported at great cost and many famous new armouries are formed with a Master Plattner from Nurnberg as their head. It will take a guildsmen many years to create his masterpiece and become a Master. In the time before that, he will have to travel the dangerous roads to other towns as a Journeyman in order to widen his skills in the craft. With the introduction of new technologies and techniques into warfare, a skilled guildsman will often be in demand to outfit, equip and train a nobles forces.

Skills: Commerce, Craftsman, Melee Arms, Military Arts, Perception.

Secret Masteries:

Masterpiece (Craftsman (Smithing) Mastery) In order to be accounted a full Master in the guilds, the Plattner must demonstrate their proficiency by the creation of an exceptional example of their craft. The Plattner is then acclaimed a full Master. The item will be an individualised chestplate that prevents against critical hits in that area.

Guildmaster (Craftsman (Smithing) Grandmastery) The Plattner is now recognised as one of the Guildmasters and a leader in the affairs of their craft, not just in Nurnberg but throughout the Empire. The Guildmaster is will be given sanctuary in any armourer guildhall, a comfortable income from guild dues and letters of credit as well as a fine townhouse in Nurnberg.

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