Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Fractious Dukes of Bavaria

Bayern-Ingolstadt (sometimes called Northern Bavaria) is centered at Ingolstadt near Regensburg and is ruled by Louis VII "The bearded". The city is a fortress surrounded by a high wall. The Dukes here have always coveted the old capital of Regensburg and always scheme to strip it of it's independent status and take it as their own capital. Louis VII had formerly been close to the Burgundian Dukes, assisting John the fearless in crushing Liege, but he has a fiery temper and is now wars with both his former allies and the other Dukes of house Wittelsbach in Bavaria. A number of the great lords of Germany, including two of Louis' cousins, the Elector-Count of Saxony and none other than the Duke of Burgundy have formed the 'Parakeet Society' to oppose the expansion of his power.

(sometimes called Southern Bavaria) is based at the mighty fortress of Traustnitz castle overlooking the town at Landshut, over a days travel northeast of Munchen on the river Isar. Henry XVI (of the house Wittelsbach) is the current duke and is famed for his great wealth. He is also notable for his black temper and brutally supressed an uprising in Landshut in 1410. He is also constantly at odds with his cousin Louis VII, Duke of Northern Bavaria, and is a member of the Parakeet society formed to oppose his power.

Bayern-Munchen (sometimes called Upper Bavaria) is ruled by Ernst from his capital at Munchen, a town on the important bridge over the river Isar built by Henry the Lion near a monastery of Benidictine monks (Monschen is another name for the town.). Ernst is, with his cousin Henry, another member of the Parakeet society.

Duke John III "The Pitiless" has parts of his scattered possessions in Bavaria (others are in the low countries and near Burgundy). He constantly struggles with his niece Jacqueline and her husband duke John IV of Brabant for control of these territories. John has the support of the Emperor-elect Sigismund and was a close ally of the current Duke of Burgundy's father, John the Fearless. John had previously been bishop of Liege and supported John the Fearless in brutally extending his control there. He gave up his life as a man of the cloth to vie for the inheritances of his niece and is staunchly supported in this endeavor by Philip the Good, current Duke of Burgundy. Two years ago, John III married Elizabeth, Countess of Luxemburg.

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