Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Brotherhood of the Golden Spurs

Description: July 13 1302 was a day that reverberated throughout the courts of Europe, a strong force of mounted French Knights and Men-at-arms were defeated in open battle by Flemish commoners on foot, armed only with with peasants weapons. The event became known as the "Battle of the Golden Spurs" after the trophies claimed from French knights by the victorious militiamen and put on display in a nearby church . Though the French nobility exacted bloody vengeance two years later, reclaiming most of the spurs, the point had been made that that heavy cavalry could no longer expect to dominate enemy foot every time they fought and the Flemish towns were permitted the concessions they sought. Not all the spurs went on display in the church that day. A network of trusted men took them for their symbol and formed a brotherhood to secure the interests of their land against powerful nobles.

Skills: Stealth, Perception, Fieldcraft, Melee arms, either Statecraft or Maneuver.

Secret Masteries

Flemish Militia (Melee arms (Staff weapons) Mastery) The Brother has mastered the techniques needed to best any mounted foe. A set spear does +2d10 (rather than 1d10) damage to charging foes (if they are mounted) and the brother gets +2 to any checks to unhorse a rider with their weapon.

Common cause (Melee arms (Staff weapons) Grand Mastery) The Brother is acclaimed as a leading man in Flemish affairs. He is awarded one of the coveted golden spurs and given access to, and sanctuary in, town halls across the low countries as well as a comfortable income, letters of credit and a fine house in his hometown.

Childhood Background: Low Countries

Languages: German, Flemish, French

The Low Countries have usually been under the sway of either the Empire of the Crown of France. However, the rising prosperity of the Flemish town communes, and some military successes by their militias, has led to some independence for their citizens form their current feudal overlords.

Abilities: +1 Talent Commerce, Melee arms.

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