Saturday, January 17, 2009

Medici Agent

Description: The Medici are the leading family in the rich and cultured city of Florence and are leaders in introducing new forms of accounting and providing finance to the powerful across Europe. While money is a key pillar of political influence in Europe, the Medici also actively court popular support to bolster their position. Lavish parties, endowments to the arts, new churches, generosity to the poor and stirring oratory are all employed to build Medici support at home and abroad. A Medici Agent works to bolster their financial wealth and further the Medici political intrigues.


Commerce, Linguistics, Perception or Performance, Persuasion, Statecraft.

Secret Masteries:

Influence (Statecraft (Etiquette) Mastery) The Agent can draw on the influence and contacts the Medici posses to accomplish any goal within a bureaucracy. She can have prisoners released, gain dispensations from local laws, gain appointments, find out about hidden persons etc.

Populists (Statecraft (Etiquette) Grand Mastery) The agent is given the title of Maestro and is a leader in Medici affairs. Through the support the Medic posses and their wide contacts the Maestro can engineer major events like riots, guild strikes, border conflicts and so on. Such major acts can have widespread consequences and can bring repercussions, both from outsiders and other major players within the Medici.

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