Friday, January 9, 2009

Brotherhood of the Red Hand

During the Hundred Years War, the rebel Welsh Prince, Owain of the Red hand, formed a mercenary company of his countrymen to fight. Turning the feared Welsh Longbowmen against both conquerors and kinsmen. After numerous successful battles, the mercenary Captain traveled to Spain, where the English, fearful the famous captain was about to return home to lead a rebellion, had him assassinated. His followers did not disperse but instead elected a new Captain and offered their services to German lords so as to be free of the presence of the perfidious English.


Melee arms, Military arts, Ranged arms, Maneuvering, +1 LP

Secret Masteries

Clothyard Arrows (Ranged Arms (Bows) Mastery) The veteran bowman is recognised as a leader of men, a Rhingyll (Sergeant). The distinctive heavy arrows of the Welsh Longbowmen do heavy damage to their targets inflicting an extra 1d5 damage.

Hail of Arrows (Ranged Arms (Bows) Grand Mastery) The longbowman takes up a senior role in the company and the title, Llywodraeth (Commander). The longbowmen are justly famous for their ability to darken the sky with massed arrow volleys. Heavy armour may be proof against a single arrow but against numerous arrows, hitting all at once, the weak points in a the armoured suit provide chinks letting arrows hit home. Even the newly emerging massed Pikes and Halberds has cause to fear massed arrow fire and master archers are much sought after. The longbowman firing a Hail of arrows attacks three times at half accuracy (as normal) but does not suffer any further penalty for range, cover or if the target is moving. Additionally, the targets PL is reduced to one quarter (rounded down) when bodkin arrows are used.

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