Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hunter of Artemis

“...Scamandrius the son of Strophius, a mighty huntsman and keen lover of the chase. Artemis herself had taught him how to kill every kind of wild creature that is bred in mountain forests, but neither she nor his famed skill in archery could now save him” (The Iliad, book V 57-59)

Artemis, the virgin huntress and twin to bright Apollo, is one of the most widely venerated of the Olympians. Her most ardent devotess range the wildlands, far from Palace and village. Her weapon is the bow and when she wields it in divine retribution, it's arrows are tipped with deadly poison. Othertimes, her painless arrows bring longed for relief to those afflicted by sorrow. She is patron to all hunters and though she lacks her brother Apollos might in warcraft, is the unmatched mistress of the chase. All who make a kill in the wild must sacrifice 'first fruits' to her or risk illfortune.

Skills: Athletics, Fieldcraft, Ranged Arms, Philtrology, Stealth.

Secret Masteries:

Mistress of Arrows: (Fieldcraft (Hunting) Mastery)

The patronage of fair Atemis grants the hunter the ability to forfeit either movement or defense for a turn and gain +5 on aiming rolls.

Silver Bow: (Fieldcraft (Hunting) Grand Mastery)

When Niobe slighted their mother the Titan Leto, Artemis and her brother slew Niobe's six sons and six daughters, though they were only twain. The Hunter gains the ability to fire up to three arrows at once, at one or multiple targets. The hunter rolls a single attack roll and uses the result for all three shots. While using this ability, the hunter must remain stationary for their turn.

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