Wednesday, October 28, 2009


“…his ranks of Myrmidons, all in armour. Hungry as Wolves that rend and bolt raw flesh, hearts filled with battle frenzy that never dies.” (The Iliad -190)

Description: The black armoured warriors of Ptithia followed their lord into exile from Aegina. It is said they are descendants of ants transformed by Zeus in order to repopulate the kingdom of his son Aeacus, the king of Aegina, after a devastating plague. Whatever this tale’s veracity, all acclaim the Myrmidons as hardy and fearless warriors, who follow the orders of their captains without question.

Skills: Manoeuvring, Melee Arms, Military Arts, Ranged Arms, +1 LP

Secret Masteries:

Hardy Warrior: Military Arts (Command) Mastery

Honed by endless battle (and some would say hardened by their heritage) the Myrmidon is able to fight on when others would fall. +1 LP. In battle, a Myrmidon will have +2 to Will checks vs Mentalism Variants.

Battle Frenzy: Military Arts (Command) Grand Mastery

In battle, the Myrmidon is overcome by a cold deadly purpose. Time slows for him and his focus narrows. Scant aware of either his wounds or distractions, the Myrmidon fights unhindered by pain and arcane influence: Myrmidon’s enter a battle frenzy that does not abate until there are no enemies within reach. They ignore penalties in combat due to IL's, though they still must pass WILL checks to remain fighting once they reach the final IL and will still die if their damage exceeds that IL. In battle, a Myrmidon will have +5 to Will checks vs Mentalism Variants.

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