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Hungarian Horse Archer

The current Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund, is also King of Hungary and Hungarian troops are a core part of his forces even in German lands. In addition to the traditional noble heavy cavalry, found everywhere in Europe, the Kings "Banderium" contained many light horse of a lesser rank. There were drawn from the landed peasantry and were equipped with bows or crossbows in addition to their melee arms. Royal proclamations proscribed their inclusion in the supporting lances accompanying Knights provided for royal service against the Turk where they were a much needed counter to the eastern style light horse. The horse archers that joined the Banderium of Sigismund in Germany formed a tight community while in foreign lands.


Animal handling, Fieldcraft, Melee arms, Ranged arms, +1 LP

Secret Masteries

Horse Archer (Ranged arms (Bow) Mastery) The horseman is skilled in swift archery tactics and gains +5 to order rolls whenever movement is split to make a shot on the move, whether afoot or mounted.

Rain of arrows (Ranged arms (Bow) Grand Mastery) The horse archer has achieved the pinnacle of the skirmisher's art, able to pepper enemy troops at range with arrows fired thick enough to darken the sky. The horseman may shoot two arrows at once, at one or two targets, using a a single accuracy roll (as if shooting a single arrow) . This ability may be combined with split movement.

Regional Background: Kingdom of Hungary

Languages: German, Hungarian

The Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund currently holds the crown of Hungary. While often hampered by the will of his nobles or rebels elsewhere in the Empire, in Hungary he is supreme and able to both freely enact his policies and draw on the lands soldiers for his campaigns. The majority of the Hungarian people are descendents of the Magyar horsemen, related to the horde of Atilla, who raided Christian Europe before their ruler converted in 1000 AD. A significant minority are Germanic Saxon settlers. A large proportion of the soldiery of this land are light horsemen and horse archers. With the advances of the Turk, Hungary is now one of the frontiers of Christendom in the east. St Margaret is the Patron Saint of Hungary.

Abilities: +1 Talent Animal Handling, Ranged Arms

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